Cursed Objects That Are Actually REAL!

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Check out these cursed objects that are actually real! From haunted dolls to creepy and paranormal ghosts, this top 10 list of terrifying and evil objects is absolutely scary!

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11. Annabelle the Possessed Doll
In 1970, a woman purchased a Raggedy Ann doll from an antique shop. She gave it to her daughter Donna, who shared an apartment with a friend. Then, things got weird.
Donna noticed the doll would appear in other rooms. According to one story, she found it standing on its legs, unsupported. It addition, little notes started appearing around her apartment that read ‘Help Us’ and fresh droplets of blood would appear on the doll’s dress. As the unexplained phenomena increased, the girl called in some paranormal investigators who claimed the spirit of a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins moved into the doll after she was . Upon learning this, Donna and her roommate agreed that the girl could stay with them. Because every horror movie ever has proven that to be a good idea.
Soon after, Donna and her roommate heard strange noises coming from another room. A friend of theirs went to investigate, only to run out of the room screaming with scratch marks on his chest. Donna contacted renowned “psychic investigators” Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens determined that a demon possessed the doll and wanted to possess Donna.
Because such objects can’t be with fire for some reason, the Warrens took the doll with them to their Occult Museum in Connecticut. They put Annabelle on display in a cabinet with a sign that reads, “WARNING POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN”. Demons must really be affected by these signs because Annabelle has only been seen to move a few times in her case but that’s it.
10. The Dybbuk Box
In 2001, a man named Kevin Mannis purchased a wine cabinet that was auctioned on eBay. He immediately started having terrible nightmares, as did the people around him. He gave the cabinet to his mother who then suffered a stroke the very day she received it. Each owner since then has reported horrible events upon coming into possession of the cabinet. Its last owner Jason Haxton, Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, not only had nightmares but developed a strange skin disease and began coughing up blood.
The origins of the box were traced back to a survivor. Some believe the box is possessed by a Dybbuk, a restless, usually malicious, spirit in Jewish mythology believed to be able to haunt and possess the living. When he heard this, Haxton, with the help of local rabbis, decided to hide the box from the rest of the world so that it couldn’t do any more damage.
9. ‘The Anguished Man’ Painting
Supposedly painted by a man who mixed his own blood into the paint, this image shows a skinned man screaming. Sean Robinson inherited the painting from his grandmother, who kept it hidden in the basement—or attic, according to some versions of the story. Thinking, apparently, that a painting of a kinned man makes for some wholesome art, he hung it in the house he shared with his wife and children. His wife, being a normal person, argued with him over that decision but he ignored her.
Soon after, the paranormal phenomenon began.Doors cracked open in the middle of the night followed by blood-curdling screams that seem to be coming from nowhere. But the most horrifying experience of all was the nightmares that each and every member of the family had every night since they hung the painting.
Instead of just getting rid of it, when Sean and his family couldn’t take it anymore, they decided to research more about the painting. They learned of the artist, who himself shortly after completing the painting. Robinson took the painting down and supposedly tried to get rid of it at this point. It is believed it was up for sale at one point, but Robinson came forward to dismiss the claims. There are also YouTube videos showing some of the activity surrounding the painting. As is the case with these kinds of things, some people believe it is a hoax since very little information about the artist has been released. In any case, it is still super creepy.