• Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog

    bởi Scouthedog1 Animations 41.7M 127K Đăng

    Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi Bowser Bowser jr VS Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Shadow Eggman. In one huge all-out battle. Who will win. No Research. just for fun.The animation was voted for by subscribers. Sorry it took so long, but I hope this is worth the wait.Fo


    bởi UkieKooki 2.6M 9.2K Đăng

    Welcome to a Sonic.EXE parody!Meet our red eyed pouting blue hedgehog, SUNKY! The main antagonist of the game. He will catch you and make you DANCE!!! For those who love dancing or like seeing someone dancing, this is the game for you!Spoiler Alert: It's

  • [SFM] Sonic Adventure 2: Showdown on the Space Colony ARK

    bởi POKEMANAPHY 13.6M 27.3K Đăng

    Here it is! A recreation of the cutscene from Sonic Adventure 2 where Sonic and Shadow fight it out on the Space Colony ARK! All those animation errors though, but overall I think I'm getting WAY better at animation! I tried to make it look newer than SA2

  • Sonic: Nazo Unleashed DX

    bởi Chakra-X 34.0M 114K Đăng

    Originally created on Newgrounds in 2006!(Re-uploaded for better sound quality and a music change to not affect weird YouTube copyright searches)Hey folks! Newgrounds released this awesome program called "Swivel" that converts your flash movies in to a vi

  • Sonic Lost World: THE MOVIE (All Cutscenes HD)

    bởi SupeSonicBoom 40.5M 50.6K Đăng

    Sonic and Tails crash land on a mysterious world after battling their longtime enemy Dr Eggman. Upon touchdown, they are surprised by a deadly new group of enemies intent on destroying both Sonic, and his entire world. Notes: I kind of hate this game's st

  • Sonic: The Return Of Nazo Part 1

    bởi SolarFoxProductions 9.8M 15.8K Đăng

    Update: Just so everyone knows, my username is SolarFoxProductions now. Chakra-X gave me full permission to make a fan sequel. This was before he decided to make his official sequel: "The Wrath of Nazo". I have re-uploaded this video in super high quality