Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be TRUE!

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Check out these urban legends that turned out to be true! From creepy and scary stories to myths that are real, this top 10 list of real urban legends will send a shiver down your spine!

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9. Eaten By Pigs
Ever heard the saying “we’ll feed you to the pigs”. Well, this isn’t just a vernacular convention, but a phrase that’s based in real fact.
A while back, in 2012, a veteran who was suffering from stress disorder was looking for a way to cope with what he had seen. In the end, the man turned to raising pigs as a therapeutic exercise.
The man’s family said that the pigs had really changed his life for the better. Unfortunately, the pigs would also be the cause of the man’s demise, in the end.
One day, the veteran went out to feed his livestock. What happened next is still being debated today, as there was no body to do an autopsy on to discern the cause. It’s speculated that a heart attack caused the veteran to fall into the pig pen, or that some other outside influence made him faint or something. Whatever caused him to fall, in the end, over 99% of his body was consumed by the very same animals that he had come to love. Pigs are more vicious than you think!
8. Wedgie
A good many of us did a lot of questionably intelligent things when we were young. TP-ing the neighbor's house on halloween, giving innocent freshmen in our High Schools a hard time, or picking on our little sibling just because we could -- the list really just goes on from there.
There’s a myth that’s been floating around a good many years, though, that many might think is just a cautionary tale, dreamed up by parents, and told to their kids to prevent them from picking on anyone who couldn’t fight back. To be fair, the idea that an atomic wedgie really does sound pretty darn far-fetched. The truth is even more odd.
It turns out that there is a reported case of a wedgie a man -- again, a man, not a child as the legend falsely goes.
A few years ago, a 34-year old man got in an argument with his stepfather of almost 60 years of age. So what did the grown man do to retaliate against his father? Well, he gave him an atomic wedgie to rival them all.
Unfortunately, both of the men were likely drunk, based upon what the police who reported the case have said, and the stepfather’s throat became ensnared by the waistband of his underwear after which the aging man was strangled by his own drawers. Quite an embarrassing way to go, but it’s true.
7. Body Under Mattress
Legend goes that a couple checks into a run-down, creepy hotel. Ok, maybe not creepy, maybe just a motel 6 or something. Everything’s going fine, until they detect a peculiar smell wafting up from under the place that they’re supposed to be sleeping, their rented bed.
The couple decides to investigate, sometimes it's the wife or girlfriend that checks under the bed and sometimes it's the man, but in either case what they find is always the same: a cold and rotting body.
This sounds like something that would be told around a raging campfire with s'mores leaking all over the listener’s hands. However, there are a actually more than a few reported cases of bodies actually being found under motel and hotel beds.
For example, Richard Kuklinski was a who poisoned a man, before him with the cord of a lamp. After this he stuffed his victim’s body into the bed frame of a motel room in New Jersey. There are other cases of this happening too -- so be careful where you check in for the night.
6. Very Real Halloween Decorations
Halloween is a time of tricks, treats, and -- for some -- practical jokes. Sometimes, though, the joke can go a bit too far. There is an urban myth that a man or sometimes a teenager, performs a fake hanging trick to scare their friends. Or whoever. Then something goes wrong and they accidentally hang themselves. Since everyone thinks it’s a trick, no one saves them.
In New Jersey, a teenager named Bryan Jewell just like this. In the state of North Carolina, a 15-year-old accidentally hanged himself while performing at a gallows act during a Halloween party. I get scared easily so I stay away from these kinds of things! I’ve never even heard of this kind of party...

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