• STAN TALENT: Mamamoo Edition 1

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    Stream Starry Night MV friends! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjUXm0Zy_dk The first of the STAN TALENT series starting off with KPOP's vocal queens, Mamamoo!! Mamamoo are extremely talented, funny and fun, hard-working and all around great girl gr

  • Jin & Rapmon: Dance Prodigies

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    Jin and Rapmon (Rap Monster) of BTS may have been known as the 'black holes' in dancing, however, through their hard work and their blood sweat and tears, they were able learn to keep up with BTS's intense dance routines. We cannot deny that they put a lo

  • J-Hope Dancing Compilation

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    J-Hope, from BTS, dancing compilation. He has many great dance moments both serious and fun. He is the main dancer of BTS and was a dancer before training to be an idol. This includes moments from debut to now (2017). Hope you enjoy! And share with your f


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    I haven't seen many J-Hope dance compilations that show a lot of Hope On The Street so I decided to make my own just Hope On The Street focused. J-Hope from BTS is an amazing dancer who can freestyle like a pro (which he is one anyways lol). I miss his Ho