• A Helpful Unhelpful Guide to MONSTA X {2018}

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    Welcome to Monsta X! This helpful guide will introduce you to this 7 member group from South Korea. I hope you end up stanning and loving them! Share with your friends and family to grow our Monbebe gang family! Any questions I can answer, comment them be

  • STAN TALENT: Mamamoo Edition 1

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    Stream Starry Night MV friends! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjUXm0Zy_dk The first of the STAN TALENT series starting off with KPOP's vocal queens, Mamamoo!! Mamamoo are extremely talented, funny and fun, hard-working and all around great girl gr

  • J-Hope Dancing Compilation

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    J-Hope, from BTS, dancing compilation. He has many great dance moments both serious and fun. He is the main dancer of BTS and was a dancer before training to be an idol. This includes moments from debut to now (2017). Hope you enjoy! And share with your f


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    I haven't seen many J-Hope dance compilations that show a lot of Hope On The Street so I decided to make my own just Hope On The Street focused. J-Hope from BTS is an amazing dancer who can freestyle like a pro (which he is one anyways lol). I miss his Ho