• [SFM] Super Mario: Castle Crashers

    bởi NDY 958K 38.2K Đăng

    Mario and Luigi have to deal with an uninvited guest who decided to crash Peach's Party! Finally, after all these years, I'm back to deliver my best animation ever! I just want to thank everyone for waiting and supporting me. I hope you enjoy this video j

  • [SFM] Stupid Smash Bros 2

    bởi NDY 233K 3.1K Đăng

    Well this started out as a test but this is what happens when you're animating late at night. Sorry for it being short too. Yes I got lazy Follow my twitter for video updates and to stay in touch. https://twitter.com/NdyBros


    bởi NDY 238K 3.0K Đăng

    Merry Christmas! These are just a few tests i made during this year.... Yeah i haven't uploaded in awhile but stay tuned because i have a few actual animations to upload. I'd like to thank apoc hedgie, ratchet mario, taco, lucian, random T bush, and other

  • [SFM] Stupid Smash Bros

    bởi NDY 237K 4K Đăng

    Guys... idk I know its been a while but I've been trying to get things out of the way and animating has been kinda slow. This was just something fun I did a long time ago and wanted to show you guys because why not. No i did not try at all. Enjoy! SUPPORT

  • [SFM] Animations Tests 2015

    bởi NDY 261K 3K Đăng

    Hey Fellers this is just something i whipped up when i was bored. BTW THESE ARE TESTS I DID NOT TRY AT ALL. Its just some practice i do for fun. Also for the joker voice i don't know the name but credits to you. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! https://www.patreon.

  • [SFM] Mario's NightMare

    bởi NDY 62.6M 149K Đăng

    This took way longer than it should... So here it is guys, the video we've all been waiting for. This was the video I mentioned in my update video with ALOT of changes. One of the biggest changes: Rosalina is gone thanks to a new peach model from the Smas

  • Sonic's Finishing Move

    bởi NDY 874K 7.2K Đăng

    I've always wanted to do something like this since I'm kinda into DBZ... a little.... maybe a lot... This took 2 days to make and this was originally going to be a particle test and a quality test. I guess I took it too far... :D Music: https://www.youtub


    bởi NDY 1.2M 9.3K Đăng

    THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! I didn't expect to reach one million on a silly animation I made out of boredom. I hope you enjoy this little short animation I whipped up real quick. Stay tooned for more animations coming in the future and don't forget to lik

  • Channel Update 1

    bởi NDY 75.5K 606 Đăng

    So yeah I really wanna thank all of you guys so much for watching my videos. Music: World Map [Superstar Saga ReOrchestrated] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaVqwbGGBK8&list=LLqxgIQs2EwEuAppj4B2vVLA&index=5 STAY TOONED!!! Follow my twitter for video upda

  • [SFM] Stupid Mario World

    bởi NDY 6.8M 22.4K Đăng

    When things don't go Mario's way... Bowser's minions sure has upgraded their defenses. At long last no more mario(he still has many lives left ;P) Quick animation I made in a week. If you guys enjoyed it be sure to tell me in the comments below if I shoul

  • [SFM] The Chaotix

    bởi NDY 280K 2.2K Đăng

    Hey! So to update you guys a bit I have been kinda busy with school a lot and and i cant really produce that much content but hopefully I'll make more animations during the final months of school. This was a little practice animation I whipped up in a cou

  • [SFM] Rayman's Final Smash

    bởi NDY 2.5M 11.2K Đăng

    Hey Guys! Like always, sorry for not uploading in while. I think my Pc will blow up one of these days. Anyways, You Asked for it, YOU got it. In my previous video, you guys wanted to see a Rayman and Kirby video, and i decided to make them in one. Thanks

  • [SFM]Sonic Colors Remake

    bởi NDY 795K 3.0K Đăng

    Please read! So here is a really quick test for my NEW sonic running animation that i recently made. It was based on the running from the cgi movies sega makes. Also i got the idea of remaking the sonic colors opening from SonicpoX since he made one, and

  • [SFM] Sonic's Unusual Battle

    bởi NDY 560K 8.0K Đăng

    Hey Everyone! Sorry For not uploading in so long. I have been very busy lately and couldn't keep up with what I love doing, making videos for people to enjoy. This was a fair lighting test for characters and such and I believe it came out pretty good :3.

  • [SFM] Joker's Surprise!

    bởi NDY 205K 1.4K Đăng

    Hey Guys! Heres part 1 of a new series I'm making called Arkham Stories. Since Arkham Knight was delayed i thought of making a Batman series until its released. First of all i'm really not as proud as i should be but school is in the way plus this compute

  • [Sfm Fun]: Episode 1

    bởi NDY 56.5K 407 Đăng

    Hey guys! Sorry for not uploading for a month. There has been alot of delays in my Sfm related projects. This is just something i whipped up really quick for the sake of uploading. And to be honest, it was really fun to make! The current project i'm makin

  • [SFM] "Friendly" Competition

    bởi NDY 26.9M 73.2K Đăng

    There aren't any rules in this race just so you know. Don't be mean in the comments :) How in the world does this has over 10,000,000 views 0.o? Thanks so much for watching and enjoying this video i appreciate it a lot. i didnt really expect this to have

  • [SFM]Sonic The Hedgehog

    bởi NDY 646K 2.1K Đăng

    This is just a little test for classic sonic running animation. Its also a teaser for an upcoming mini project so stay tuned. I know people might have done this but I wanted to show off sonic's original running animation. Follow my twitter for video updat

  • [SFM] Grand Theft Mario

    bởi NDY 7.2M 25.4K Đăng

    Ok so this was originally a practice animation i was doing since almost all of situations in this video was what i wanted to practice on. It was supposed to end with the cop shooting at Mario and Luigi, but i decided to finish the whole thing. This is my

  • [SFM] Sonic Running/Camera Test

    bởi NDY 2.2M 5.0K Đăng

    I just wanted to make a test video on My sonic runnig animation. I KNOW I KNOW you can barely see it but dont worry... ill make another one :) Follow my twitter for video updates and to stay in touch. https://twitter.com/NdyBros