• [SFM] Shrek's vapetastic voyage

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    Shrek challenges the fabric of reality in this shitpost Shrek: Gormlesstosser map: the faceless Inhaler: Phobias Song is "A new way to say Hooray" by Shpongle ========================================­­======== tumblr: http://www.pokemanaphy.tumblr.com ask

  • [SFM] Metal Sonic's strongest attack

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    Decided animating this Sonic video is too hard and time consuming so I cut the ending short by having Metal Sonic unleash his strongest move so OP it's not even in the games. Jokes aside, I'm getting so much work done on this and only made this as a break

  • [SFM] Sonic Forces: Episode Knuckles

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    The Pre-Prequel to Sonic Forces, explaining the rise of Infinite, the role of Big the Cat, and how Knuckles adopted the responsibility of leading the resistance. Knuckles, Master Emerald: ApocHedgie Big the Cat: RandomTBush Infinite: JaysonJean Channel Ma

  • [SFM] Charizard's Burning Ambitions

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    The scene from Charizard's Burning Ambitions the government doesn't want you to see Charizard (with rig): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1085754670&searchtext=charizard http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108575736

  • [SFM] How Shadow the Hedgehog should have ended

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    How I feel Shadow the Hedgehog should have ended. Whew been putting off completion of this since April but here it is! Models: ApocHedgie and RTB Map: -=©P=-Sonicshadowfusion ========================================­­======== tumblr: http://www.pokemanaph

  • Scrapped projects residue

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    So I wanted to get something up and for the longest time I wanted to make a compilation of all my scrapped and unfinished projects. There is a lot of stuff being worked on right now and a new video coming soon! ========================================­­==

  • 2D Animation Tutorial with POKEMANAPHY (APRIL FOOLS 2017)

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    in this animaton i go over teh basics of animation and tips and tricks big stoodios dont want u 2 kno and sho u how to animat dont 4get 2 like cument nd subcrib :) ========================================­­======== tumblr: http://www.pokemanaphy.tumblr.co

  • [SFM] Robotnik's Opera Performance

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    Dr.Robotnik gives up his evil deeds to pursue his long dream of becoming an opera singer. Map: Old Man Jenkins Model: ApocHedgie ========================================­­======== tumblr: http://www.pokemanaphy.tumblr.com ask.fm/POKEMANAPHY Facebook: http

  • [SFM] Rubber Crocodile

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    I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG! Models by: ApocHedgie Red Menace Weyland Yutani SuperCheater5 Outerlight. [G.o.D.] Strashniy Velikhan Map: Saintblue52 ========================================­­======== tumblr: http://www.pokemanaphy.tumblr.com ask.fm/POKEMANAPHY Fa

  • 20,000 subscibers/7 years on YouTube!

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    Oh, wow. It's been so long since I started a YouTube account and I can't believe we got this far. Here's hoping to more years of entertainment and fun! =P ========================================­­======== tumblr: http://www.pokemanaphy.tumblr.com ask.fm/


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    Oh man days of practice and I finally did it. Sans is a tough opponent to no hit but I finally succeeded and I'm so proud! The funny thing is I actually no hit him the first run after my break and the first run after changing the textures back to normal f

  • Shulk mains be like

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    This just popped into my head lol. mfw Back Slash gets nerfed. ========================================­­======== tumblr: http://www.pokemanaphy.tumblr.com ask.fm/POKEMANAPHY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/POKEMANAPHY twitter.com/POKEMANAPHY

  • Gravity Falls: Take back the falls ending in a nutshell

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    Made the name inconspicuous so no one would get spoiled by just the title alone, will probably change it to a more appropriate name in a week when everyone's had a chance to see the episode. The title as of now should be a warning enough as to not see thi

  • When Sans breaks the game worse than you do

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    Basically what happened was I was streaming some UnderTale Sans boss fight the other day and I died...without being touched...? Also, for those who're gonna comment, "YOU DIED BY POISON U FUCKING DUMB FUCK!!!" You can't die from poison at 1 HP...sooo yeh.