• Jay Hardway & The Him - Jigsaw (Official Audio)

    bởi Spinnin' Records 53.5K 3.8K Đăng

    Get your hands on this new dream collab between Jay Hardway and The Him! It takes off in a chill pace, making it easy to hop aboard on a crazy musical ride. It grabs you by the ears and all leads up to a refined drop, where it breaks down in catchy vocal

  • BLR - La Luna (Official Music Video)

    bởi Spinnin' Records 159K 6.2K Đăng

    BLR drops the charming La Luna! This DJ/producer always lives up to fans’ expectations, as he presents another experimental record with the typical BLR sound. Wander away to these catchy rhythms and wavy vocals, as this tune floods with uniqueness. Dance

  • Radiology - Phobia (Official Audio)

    bởi Spinnin' Records 226K 10.6K Đăng

    Get the creeps with this new Radiology banger! This is definitely a record that will get the crowds hyped up as it gets you in a frenzy with its massive synths, forceful kicks and its creative use of vocal chops. It breaks down in a heavy drop, where warp

  • Rocky Wellstack - High Roller (Official Lyric Video)

    bởi Spinnin' Records 182K 8.0K Đăng

    Rocky Wellstack is taking things to a higher level with his new tune! Kicking things off with melodic vocal chops and uplifting guitar riffs, making sure the records starts rolling like a train. High Roller contains some authentic and pleasant vocals, com

  • Dada Life Guestmix - Spinnin' Sessions 257

    bởi Spinnin' Records 55.5K 1.8K Đăng

    We're proud to welcome Dada Life in Spinnin' Sessions episode 257. Get YOUR track featured in Spinnin' Sessions! Submit your track here: https://www.spinninrecords.com/talentpool/ Join our Spinnin' Records Top 100 Playlist ► https://spinninrecords.lnk.to/

  • Spinnin’ Records After Miami Mix 2018

    bởi Spinnin' Records 149K 4.2K Đăng

    This year’s Miami Music Week was once again fantastic! With five incredible pool parties hosted at our very own Spinnin’ Hotel it’s an honor to say it was an absolute blast to party with all of you guys. Now that the dust has settled we thought it would b

  • Spinnin' Hotel Miami 2018 | Official Aftermovie

    bởi Spinnin' Records 212K 3.8K Đăng

    We hosted the third edition of the Spinnin’ Hotel during Miami Music Week and it was a HUGE success! We’re super grateful to everyone who made this possible, we love to think back to all the memories made. To help memorize, we’re proud to present the offi

  • Olly James - Turn Away (Official Audio)

    bởi Spinnin' Records 139K 5.5K Đăng

    Now here's a record from Olly James that knows how to build suspense! It's a banger that gains strength before it takes a surprising turn leading you towards the drop. It brings big room mania in full effect and is definitely one with mainstage potential,

  • Lush & Simon - Breaking Down (Official Audio)

    bởi Spinnin' Records 105K 3.6K Đăng

    A highly driven piece of electro house by Lush & Simon! Breaking Down breathes energy in every aspect, catching hints of an immense underground vibe that will keep you going. It all starts with an anticipating intro where a deep groove already takes the l

  • Lucas & Steve - Source (Official Music Video)

    bởi Spinnin' Records 466K 17.9K Đăng

    Things have been going very well for Dutch duo Lucas & Steve and they're not planning to stop anytime soon! Here they are with the huge Source to turn up the clubs again. Expect some energetic kicks, massive synth chords and a big dose of energy. It’s one

  • Dannic - Stay (feat. INNA) [Official Audio]

    bởi Spinnin' Records 127K 5.5K Đăng

    Get ready for Dannic as he drops his new tune Stay with pop sensation INNA! The Dutch DJ/producer is at his best with this pop influenced tune that contains the amazing vocals from INNA, perfectly enhanced with some crowd pleasing sounds in the drop. Get