vfany moments ❀ step by step (bts taehyung & snsd tiffany)

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Giới thiệu

Hello! this is a fanvid for the vfany couple~ If you don't like this ship, please do not leave any negative comments and I suggest you be on your way~ ^^
Both Taehyung and Tiffany are my faves so this ship makes me very happy!
I hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I did making it.

credits for vids/pics used:
solace_ss, centralccw, ssw0221, BAEBY, RUMI, 說明, MY. ung, SBSmusic, KBS Music Bank, BananaOctopus, monmon2013S01, Shining Smile, RGB by Pudding, King of the Heart, Night Breeze, need u baby

song: 1 Step 2 Step - OH MY GIRL

software: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0